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Ent Web Ngr Team |Meet Our Precious Team(Ent Web Staff )

About Mikel Ogunsanya

Ent Web Ngr Team |Meet Our Precious Team(Ent Web Staff  )
I'm Mikel Ogunsanya, Graduated from a very populous University in Nigeria, Already Married (Mrs Ogunsanya victoria) blessed with 2 Daughters and 1 Son, Ent Web Ngr Was Established on March 14, 2010
 CEO Admin Level 1

About Isiak Musa

I'm Isiak Musa,I've graduated from a very populous University and I've married with two children,I'm friend with Sir Mikel , Joshua,and Co. since we've been doing our registration ,We came up with the aim of helping students gain the admission of their choice easily coz "all fingers are not equal" that's how/why we developed "ENT WEB NGR" For ngr candidates for any kind of Exam.
 Admin Level 1

About OdoNgboro Marcus

My Name is Marcus OdoNgboro from Delta state, i love to hack
 Admin Level 2

About Miss Elizabeth

Glory be To God,"Elizabeth" by Name. We've achieved the goals we've developed from School by helping those that were seeking for admission to various institutions. Now we have also gathered more experience and more tools,so it's now left to you.
 Admin Level 2

About David M.

My Name is David M a.k.a Deen Sir Am a great Hacker ,I and My Co. Went to the same institution .Am Here to Help You ,
All Thanks to Mr Mikel for his offer to work here , i will do my best to help you Guys.
 Admin Level 2

About Emmanuel OdoNgboro

I'm Emmanuel Brother do Marcus O ,i Welcome You to Ent Web Ngr where we are dealing with any kind of Entrance Exam 💯as far as Ent Web Ngr is concern . Stop sitting for Jamb twice and choose your deal👍 . i Deal Only In JAMB. Thanks to Bro Isiak and Mr Mikel
 Admin Level 2

About Monsur Morwnikeji

i Welcome to Ent Web Ngr,I'm very glad to be among the best Exam Expo/Runs and Answer in Nigeria but it known to us as Exam Assistance. Thanks to my friend Mikel
 Admin Level 3

About Rasheed Amuky

To gain admission in Nigeria now a days is a big war,but It always put smiles on my face whenever I got called from our candidates with a blessed testimonies. it's from Ent Web. i Focus on Result Editing
 Admin Level 3

About Ojo Rebecca

I'm Ojo Rebecca from Ent Web Ngr, I don't know what some were still looking to by delaying their time on Any kind of Exam related to get an Admission, because that's why Entranceexam.com.ng was built with many talented Admin. Anyway, I prayed you should also be lucky
 Admin Level 3

About Obidele Junior

I'm among top ten of Ent Web Team and I love to be hacking and even,it's my priority. I was named "J-Hacker" since we are in school by Bro isiak
 Admin Level 3

About A Zainab

I don't have much to talk about Ent Web,But he who sacrificed his/her self to someone, He/she won't ever stop receiving God's blessing......Abdfatai Zainab a.k.a First Class Admin
 Admin Level 3
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Have You Been Writing JAMB CBT Exam For Years ??
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