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12 Mistakes Jamb 2021 Candidates Must Avoid

UTME 2020 Is coming soon as you all know. While some candidates have started preparing for Jamb 2021 UTME, others are still waiting for JAMB 2021 Examination to be nearer before they start reading.

If you are thinking about passing JamB 2020 with the very score, it is high time you started reading for Jamb. Don’t wait till when JAMB 2021 Registration is over or when you have a month to your Examination!

The earlier, the better. As a matter of fact, the serious candidates started reading for UTME 2020 even before the registration started.

Back to today’s topic, “Mistakes Jamb 2021 Candidates must avoid while preparing for UTME 2020“. Preparing for UTME isn’t enough if you don’t avoid the silly mistakes I’ll mention in this article. See them below.

12 Mistakes Jamb 2021 Candidates Must Avoid

1. Not using JAMB syllabus

This is what I call the Jamb Area of Focus“. This is where you will see the list of topics UTME 2020 questions will be based on. JAMB will never set questions out of the syllabus. If you are not using the syllabus as your study guide to you prepare for JAMB 2020, you are making the big mistake!

2. You are not using JAMB recommended textbooks
At the end of the syllabus for each subject, there is a list of recommended textbooks. Make proper use of them and stop using textbooks that aren’t good enough to pass Jamb.

3. You are neglecting JAMB past questions

If you are not using past questions to prepare for JAMB 2020, you are making another silly mistake. I call them “question bank”. That is the only guaranteed expo you can find for JAMB 2020. It will not only help you to prepare better, you will also get to know how JAMB set their questions.

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4.You solve JAMB past questions more than you read textbooks
This is another costly mistake you don’t want to make. I have seen a lot of candidate falling victim of this. They just go ahead to buy their JAMB Past questions series, attempt them and cram the answers.

This is the wrong way of using JAMB Past questions. So, you should ask me, “What is the best and right way to use JAMB past questions?“. See it below.

➡ To get the most out of JAMB past questions, read one or more topic(s) in your textbook.
➡ After that, attempt related questions from the JAMB past questions.
➡ Mark it and score yourself.
➡ Check out the answers to those questions you got wrong.
➡ Proceed to your textbook to check for explanation and to confirm the answer(they also make mistakes).
➡ Continue like that till you finish every topic in your textbook.

5. Listening to everyone, everybody, everything!
You may be thinking, “What is this one saying?”. I know what I’m saying. People will tell you different things. Try to avoid listening to wrong pieces of information so that you won’t be misled.

Information is Power. When you are not informed, you will be deformed.

6. You believe UTME 2021 Will be difficult
Whether this is your opinion or you were told, it is totally far from TRUE. UTME 2020 will only be difficult to candidates that fail to prepare. It is the easiest examination for serious candidates. I believe the articles below will help you.

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7.You are not seeking help

Nobody knows it all, keep that in mind. If you think you can do it all on your own, you are totally wrong. Don’t let pride deprive you of what you are supposed to know.

When you don’t know something, swallow your pride and seek help.

8. You think you will pass 2021 UTME because you were brilliant in secondary school

Being brilliant in secondary school does not guarantee you high score in JAMB. Whether you were the best in your school or not doesn’t matter. This is UTME , not school examination.

9. You believe there is nothing like JAMB expo or result upgrade
This is where some candidates get it wrong. They think there is nothing like JAMB expo or upgrading of result. The truth is, there is! and there will always be. Register for Our Expo Here

10. You target JAMB score is low
If you still thinking about scoring 200 in your UTME, it is a sorry case o. Day by day, lot of candidates are searching for how to score 300+, you are setting low target. Get it right, UTME 2020 will be very competitive.

11. You don’t visit entranceexam.com.ng for daily JAMB updates and guides.

If you have ever missed a day without visiting entranceexam.com.ng, you are missing a lot.

12. You are neglecting prayers

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